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Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Gone are the days when Finance-driven CPG organizations believe they can afford to have their own top down ...

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In the film Moneyball, Brad Pitt's character Billy Beane faces adversity while attempting to improve the Oakland Athletics' approach to targeting baseball prospects. The team's former strategy was exclusively based upon the experience and intuition of scouts. In the clip below, the scouts challenge Billy Beane's choice to add analytics to their decision making.



Like Billy Beane, CMG believes that dissent is required to make effective business decisions. As an independent party, our team provides a perspective that offers constructive criticism and practical counsel.



Similar to Jonah Hill’s character in the film Moneyball, CMG adds analytics to your residing knowledge and intuition. Our experienced advisors provide episodic support to quickly answer your most pressing questions. This fact-based approach leads to improved decision making and execution.


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