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Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Gone are the days when Finance-driven CPG organizations believe they can afford to have their own top down ...

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Reid Dale
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Trade Fund Management Brokerage



Questions about trade spending are best answered by specialists. 

  • You do not run your own television commercials; you hire an ad agency.
  • You do not collect your own data; you buy it from a syndicated provider. 
  • You do not grow or produce your own raw materials; you purchase them from a supplier.
  • You do not call on all retail stores; you hire a broker.


Why do you struggle to manage trade spending on your own? As you do with the functions above, you need to hire an outside agent who specializes in customer marketing and trade management.


Customer Marketing Group can work closely with your organization to provide a comprehensive trade management solution. This service, known as Trade Fund Management Brokerage, is a human system supported by simple software tools and complicated, customized analytics. 


Trade Fund Management Brokerage improves the productivity and predictability of your trade budget. With the products and advisory provided by CMG, you will be able to make the best possible decisions around the structure and application of your specific trade budget, yielding quantifiable returns on investment. 


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