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Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Gone are the days when Finance-driven CPG organizations believe they can afford to have their own top down ...

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Jenna Butler

Jenna Butler
Sr. Trade Fund Manager

Jenna's primary responsibilities include the analysis and development of key ...

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John Koury

John Koury


Oakland Office

Phone: 510.610.3225


John Koury's Biography

With 30 plus years in CPG, John brings extensive leadership experience to Customer Marketing Group. His broad knowledge and keen insight have led to the successful management of key leading brands at Quaker Oats, PepsiCo, and Del Monte Foods.  John has a proven track record of developing high-level strategic plans that translate into successful tactical customer trade execution and delivering top and bottom line financial results. He has worked with every major domestic retailer across all classes of trade. John has held several senior-level sales and marketing positions at large and small CPG companies, including Vice President Sales at PepsiCo, Vice President National Customer Marketing at Del Monte (Consumer Products Division), and most recently Vice President Sales and Marketing at SunFoods LLC.


John joined CMG in August of 2014 and is based in the Bay Area. He holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas.