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Portia Chan
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Job Description

As an Intern with CMG your work is centered in contributing, recreating, and learning by working with managers on specific tasks.  This position is an assisting or apprentice role with much direction where you continuously absorb information and perform directed steps to complete tasks. Many times you will be asked to “do as I do” by being given explicit instructions or by performing steps in tandem with a more senior position.  With experience and repeated exposure, gradual freedom and independence is expected and repeated errors are greatly reduced.  You will be learning the fundamental skills in this role that are necessary for development.  The formal training program consists of industry overview and case studies then concludes with a self-directed project.  After the formal training, you will begin working with your manager on a specific project or questions of the day.  Your development and learning is a shared responsibility between you and your manager.


Required Skills:

- Excellent verbal, written and oral communication skills

- Being comfortable in a collaborative and team environment 

- Strong, dedicated, and dependable work ethic

- An inquisitive attitude

- An intrinsic motivation

- Fast learner who is detail oriented, analytical, and enjoys problem solving

- Ability to learn and adapt from previous experiences including mistakes

- Ownership and pride in quality output

- Ability to follow and understand direction

- Adaptability and patience as new and changing workload and information becomes available            

- Familiarity with Excel and PowerPoint



- Asking questions and having a drive for continuous learning including technical and business related topics

- Assisting your manager with a variety of day to day tasks

- Clearly communicating timing and availability to your manager

- Further expanding your proficiency in Excel and R

- Gain an understanding of CPG industry terms, definitions, and relationships

- Understanding the use of databases such as: Pulling data, Fields, Products and Accounts, Cleaning, coding and validating data

- Learning standard CPG/CMG methodologies and processes by duplicating case study training analyses which include: Promotional performance, Promotional ROIs and effects to the P&L, Everyday pricing impacts, Distribution and distribution opportunity, Time series and basic delta analyses, Volumetric and financial pricing

- Populating data used for reporting and tracking

- Preparing and presenting (to an internal group) a document that demonstrates what you have learned from data pulls and store visits

- Assisting your manager with internal projects

- Assisting in answering client retail or manufacturer questions of the day.  Examples of topics include: New item incrementality and projections, competitive activity, out of stock estimates, impacts of package changes, and source of volume analysis, etc.

- Learning by observation

- Contributing in a “results oriented work environment”

- Demonstrating CMG’s core competencies on a daily basis


Specific Job Duties include:

- Consumption data management including database queries, data cleaning, and reconciliation.

- Evaluation of retail data to estimate promotional impact of price discounts, execution and impact to profit.

- Retail everyday pricing impacts by identifying elasticities, thresholds and the impact to volume and profit.

- Analyze retail product distribution data for voids, opportunities, and velocity trends.

- Produce manufacturer and retail P&L scenarios for various retail executions or strategy changes around pricing, promotion, and distribution.

- Modeling the retail variables such as price or competitive impacts with R.

- Monthly reporting & Account Planning assistance by pulling database queries and updating reports.

- Visiting local stores to complete a training exercise about CPG terms and database measures.

- Preparing and presenting a document that demonstrates what you have learned from data pulls and store visits.


Required Experience: Less than 1 year of employment in the CPG industry


Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in a STEM field


Required Travel: Little to no travel will be required for this position


Location: Berkeley, CA and The Woodlands, TX


Reports to Trade Fund Manager


To Apply: Please email your resume and a copy of your unofficial transcript and GRE scores to Include 'Analyst Intern' in the email's subject line.