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Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Gone are the days when Finance-driven CPG organizations believe they can afford to have their own top down ...

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Q: What types of business problems can CMG solve?


A: CMG’s experienced advisors provide counsel on a wide range of strategic business decisions. Some of the questions we can address include:


  • "What is my company’s objective, and what steps are necessary to accomplish this objective?"
  • "I have an abundance of data and market information. How can I sort through it all and make real-time use of the insight hidden within it?"
  • "I invested in a million-dollar software solution to manage my data, and it has not improved my business like I had hoped. What do I do now?"
  • "What is the cost versus benefit of a particular business action?"



Q: What does CMG do?


A: CMG solves complicated problems that our clients do not have the ability or capacity to handle on their own.


We provide actionable recommendations that are aligned with your business objectives, and we do not stop there. We support your team in executing and tracking our proposed tactics in the marketplace to ensure you meet your objectives. 


Learn more by watching our video.



Q: Why focus on trade spending?


A: Your investment in trade has the potential to be the single biggest driver of growth for your business. CMG manages trade to grow anad maintain distribution, influence price points, and drive consumer trial through promotions.


  • CMG will create and implement a tailored trade strategy to achieve your sales objectives and stay within budget parameters.

  • CMG's customer segmentation is used to identify an appropriate investment level for all customers.

  • CMG's account planning process is used to translate your trade strategy for each customer focusing on distribution, pricing, and promotion at the SKU level.

  • CMG's continual involvement with the sales team allows for informed negotiations by providing modeled scenarios and spending parameters.

  • CMG's monthly reporting is used to monitor execution of the plan and manage the trade budget while providing the ability to quickly course correct throughout the year.


Q: What separates CMG from the many other companies that offer similar services?


A: Unlike other firms, CMG provides:


  • Actionable Recommendations - CMG's recommendations will be in the realm of actionable, possible, and measurable. 


  • Continuous Support - CMG will be around to help you execute our recommended tactics and measure the results.


  • Accurate Results- We understand that experienced business leaders must work together with data scientists to get the details right. 



Q: What industries does CMG work in?


A: CMG has provied advisory in multiple industries, including consumer packaged goods, quick-serve restaurants, communications, retail, publishing, and more. Read what our clients have to say.



Q: What type of software does CMG use?


A: CMG is not a software company. We believe that systems do not solve problems, people do. Because of this, we work closely with our clients to ensure that all analysis starts and ends with a human. 



Q: Can CMG provide a custom tool to help me make decisions?


A: CMG can develop and provide customized tools to fit your needs. However, in our experience, tools alone fail to meet the accuracy and complexity of a scenario in an intuitive manner. Through our approach, we will discuss alternative methods of planning that deliver improved results. 



Q: Can CMG provide case studies?


A: Yes. Please request a log-in to our online client portal to view detailed examples of our work.