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Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Stew's Perspective on Modern CPG Go-to-Market Organization

Gone are the days when Finance-driven CPG organizations believe they can afford to have their own top down ...

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Our History

Customer Marketing Group (CMG) began with the idea of bringing reality to business-to-business transactions. Over the past twenty years, we have maintained a commitment to delivering the truth to each client’s unique business environment.


Learning the business


In 1991, Dr. Bob Dumas took a break from teaching Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley, to learn business. At this time, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry was robust with data but analytics had yet to be leveraged to drive business decisions.


Dumas realized this opportunity and joined the Quaker Oats Company in San Francisco as a part-time analyst. Relying on his extensive background in mathematics and logic, he began studying how the business worked.


Although Dumas' statistical methods were simple, the retail environment was highly complex. For the first six months, he worked in the field and learned how to get the details of his analysis right. Dumas quickly realized that he could answer questions no one else could.


He joined the Quaker Oats Company full-time and began working with Stew Bishop who managed Customer Marketing. Bishop understood the “game” of retail. He knew things from experience but could not prove his beliefs with factual evidence. By adding analytics to Bishop’s residing knowledge and intuition, Dumas knew he could make the business process more predictable and understandable.


Real results


Together, the pair combined Dumas’ methods with Bishop’s experience and immediately produced significant results. They were effectively closing the gap between what they desired and what was possible in the retail environment. Motivated by their exciting success, the pair continued to make a profound impact on the business. 


Dumas' role quickly progressed and after one year in the business world, he was solving game-changing, ten million dollar business problems. However, after two successful years at the Quaker Oats Company,  he confidently made the decision to venture out on his own.


Founding CMG


In 1994, Dumas founded Customer Marketing Group in Seattle, Washington. He provided advisory to his former employer, Quaker Oats, as his first client.


Over the next seven years, Dumas’ unique blend of analytical skills and business expertise proved to be in high demand. CMG continued to expand, gaining a variety of new clients and impacting businesses across industries.


In 2001, Bishop was serving as the Vice President of Sales for Bayer Consumer Care in Morristown, New Jersey. He purchased the company from Dumas and moved operations to a central location in The Woodlands, Texas, where the company remains today.


Foundation of trust


Since its inception, CMG has nurtured long-term client relationships and grown through trusted referrals. We have partnered with over forty clients to solve complex business problems spanning diverse industries.


Our clients remain successful because they rely on our team to speak the truth, and trust that our advisory leads to effective execution in market.


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