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What do I do when the promotion management software I purchased for millions of dollars does not improve ...

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Robert Calvin

Robert Calvin
Sr. Trade Fund Manager

As a Senior Project Manager, Robert’s role at CMG includes ...

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“CMG is a true ally to the VP of Sales at any CPG. The team is really vested in growing our business and will do whatever it takes to answer a question, even on short notice. Unlike typical consultants, they make me look good."


-Diane Giansante, VP of Sales, Plum Organics



“CMG helps brands take the “art” out of managing trade and applies science. If you follow their advice your trade dollars will become more effective. They enable small CPGs to have one less thing to worry about."


-Mike Cooke, VP of Sales, Daiya Foods


“I have worked with CMG in two different companies in both refrigerated and dry grocery products. They have consistently helped us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing spending. This has enabled us to have much greater impact in the marketplace and build our brands. Unless you are our competitor, I encourage you to consider CMG."


-Chuck Marcy, Former President and CEO, Healthy Food Holdings


"My marketing and sales teams have too much data going to too little use. CMG brings to life all of my data and brings insight into my most complex analytical problems…To me they are the ultimate problem solvers.”


– Pat Muldoon, CEO, Forward Foods


“CMG can do things for our business that we aren’t resourced to do or experienced enough to do ourselves. They draw conclusions and make actionable recommendations from a variety of sources that align with our goals and objectives. CMG has expertise that can handle a wide range of business needs.”


– Mike Stanford, Former Director of Business Development, Bayer HealthCare Consumer Care Division


“CMG customizes their analysis to answer your specific questions and converts their learning into recommendations which they stand behind. The reliability of these recommendations has stood the test of time.”


– Carter Elenz, Former Sr. VP of Sales Seventh Generation





 “CMG drives insights into action to measure and modify results. You only get half the value if you don’t engage them with your sales team and direct customer contacts.”

– Mike Tobia, Director of Sales, Quaker Oats/PepsiCo