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What do I do when the promotion management software I purchased for millions of dollars does not improve ...

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Myra Harrison

Myra Harrison
Analyst II

Myra assists CMG’s clients in executing successful business strategies through ...

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Client Expectations

Getting Started

During an initial meeting with CMG, you will meet with our executive team to identify business objectives and discuss the steps necessary to accomplish those goals.


Because there are inevitable differences in market and business environments, we develop a unique methodology for each client we work with. Our team remains highly flexible and adaptive from our first meeting to throughout execution and reporting.


Typical Process




Our clients experience a greater accuracy of results. Through our advisory, they have experienced a minimum ROI of 200% in year, and a three year ROI average of over 1,000%. References are available upon request.


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Our deliverables are tailored to meet the unique needs of your project. To view detailed examples of our work, please request a log-in to our online dashboard.


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