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What do I do when the promotion management software I purchased for millions of dollars does not improve ...

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Reid Dale

Reid Dale
Analyst Intern

As an Analyst Intern, Reid has been engaged in all ...

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For more than 20 years, Customer Marketing Group (CMG) has helped leading and emerging brands maximize the efficiency of their trade spend, generating a minimum 200% ROI in the first year.


How do we do it? A dedicated team with extraordinary academic qualifications, analytical firepower, and real world industry experience fully focuses its expertise on the complex job of optimizing your trade budget.


If you are spending more than $5MM in trade, but are not leveraging data scientists and seasoned business leaders to plan, negotiate and execute retail distribution, pricing and promotion strategies, you are leaving money on the table.


Software alone does not solve problems. People do. Watch our video to learn more about our process and contact us to find out if you can become our partner before your competitor does. You’ll see how our minds take trade spending off yours.